Translation & Interpretation Workshop Series 2020-2021

 Dear Members of MSU Language Learning Communities,


MSU has organized a Translation and Interpretation Workshop series with three sessions and an expert roundtable in FS20 and a faculty roundtable discussion in SS21. Each workshop includes a language neutral section where general aspects of translation and interpretation will be discussed and a section dealing with translation/interpretation of one of these languages: Japanese, French, or Spanish. Even if you do not speak those languages, everyone will be able to attend the language neutral portion of each workshop. Each workshop will be three hours long (1.5 hours for non-language specific audiences and 1.5 hours for target-specific languages).


The language neutral workshop will be organized around four key issues:

(1) Navigating the paths to becoming a professional translator/interpreter

(2) Scoping the field and its future

(3) Learning strategies and methodologies for translation and interpretation

(4) Identifying resources for the translating and interpreting profession.


The language specific workshop will be a hands-on workshop focusing mainly on translation and interpretation strategies and methodologies for those languages.


Series Overview (detailed information about each event available in the event flyer attached)

Workshop I with Dr. Lili Selden (Oct. 2, 2020): (Japanese)
Workshop II with Ms. Caitilin Walsh (Oct. 9, 2020): (French)
Conversation with Workshop Leaders (Oct. 16, 2020): Japanese, French, and Spanish
Workshop III with Dr. Kelly Washbourne (Nov. 6, 2020): (Spanish)
MSU Faculty Roundtable (Jan. 29, 2021)

Please take a look at the event flyer and register at your earliest convenience, but no later than September 25 for the first workshop. You can register for all the events now by clicking on the link below.

We will send out Zoom & D2L invitations to those who will have completed the registration by the suggested deadline.


If you have any questions, please contact the workshop organizers:

Catherine Ryu ( for the Oct. 2 workshop (Japanese)

Valentina Denzel ( for the Oct. 9 workshop (French)

Miguel Cabañas ( for the Nov. 6 workshop (Spanish)

We are looking forward to seeing you at the (virtual) events!

T & I Workshop Team
Catherine, Valentina, and Miguel