Pathway to Research

Pathway to Research

The Undergraduate Research Office is excited to launch the Pathway to Research Program<> for Fall 2021, which is a 5-week staff- and peer-mentored program designed to help students secure a research position in their respective field of interest. Student participants will work with program advisors to accomplish the following outcomes:

* Understand the benefits of engaging in a research/creative experience

* Explore and identify potential fields in which they are interested

* Identify potential research mentors

* Learn how to effectively communicate and interview with potential research mentors

* Secure a research position

All students are welcome to apply, and there are no major or GPA restrictions. We are trying to recruit students from historically excluded populations as well as transfer students.

The program will run two phases with the first cohort beginning in late September and the second cohort in mid-October. Students wishing to participate in the program should complete this survey by September 17. Direct questions to Dr. Mordecai Harvey at