Public Art on Campus Competition

Public Art on Campus Competition

January 3, 2017 @ 8:00 am – February 6, 2017 @ 11:59 pm
Jacquelynn Sullivan
Public Art on Campus Competition

Michigan State University is excited to announce a special opportunity for current Undergraduate and Graduate Students. Have you always wanted to leave your permanent stamp on the MSU campus? Well here is your chance. The walking bridge linking the MSU Main Library and the MSU Spartan Football Stadium is seeking designs to replace the metal mesh beneath the guardrail with perforated metal panels. This design will be professionally manufactured and installed. All you have to do is the fun part: come up with an idea. Below you will find specific details about the project if you would like to see additional images of the bridge and examples of perforated panels, please email Jacquelynn Sullivan,

This bridge crosses the Red Cedar (a river so iconic, it is forever immortalized in the first line of the MSU Fight Song) at a point that physically and metaphorically bridges the old to the new of campus. As thousands of people use that bridge each week, it serves as a conduit for the flow of information and Spartan energy between two iconic destination points of campus: the MSU Main Library and the MSU Spartan Football Stadium. Imagery that makes reference to the flow of water, information, people, energy is highly recommended.

Please note that since this contest is being hosted by MSU for MSU, designs are able to feature MSU copyrighted slogans, mascots, etc. All designs must emphasize the primary theme of water.

This contest has two major prizes: one is monetary and the other is a public art commission on your resume. This contest offers up to $5,000 dollars in prizes. Prize money will be dispersed depending on the number of designs selected.

Completed entries must contain everything listed below and will only be accepted as a pdf to Incomplete and unprofessional submissions will not be reviewed.

1. Entrant Information including first and last name, email address, phone number, and student status ie undergrad or graduate student, and a 250 word statement describing your design and its connection to the theme of this competition.

2. Design artwork must be formatted as 5 panels with a small gap between each panel. The completed fabricated panels will be 2’8″‘ x 5’6″ with a 6 inch gap between each panel. Final designs will need to have a 1″ border void of design for manufacturing and installation purposes. Final fabricated panels may vary slightly from the original design during the manufacturing phase. For the purposes of the submissions they should be submitted in two ways: one image includes all of the designed panels with a small gap in between them and one with each panel on it’s own page separately. The image submitted with all 5 designed panels should be scaled at 3.2″x 6.6″ with a small gap between each panel. The individual panels should be scaled at 8″x16.5″ for the stand alone images. Images submitted must be black and white and as a halftone design in order to simulate final perforated design.

What is a HALFTONE design and why does my design need to be created that way?
Halftones are dots of varying sizes and spacing, put together to simulate a tone or gradient. The dots must be circles. The design created will be digitally laid across the flat panels and imprinted as round holes on the panels.

Can my design be photo based?
Original photographs can be used as a base for the design created. Photographs used in the design cannot be sourced from the internet and must be originals taken by the artist submitting the design. Final output will be in the form of a halftone design so artists should take the scale of the dot pattern carefully into consideration, especially when using a photograph.


QUESTIONS?  Want a critique of your plan?

Drop-in 11AM-11:30AM, Kresge Art Center, 218
Drop-in 2:30PM-3PM, Kresge Art Center, 116


Completed submissions due by midnight to

FEBRUARY 13-18         

Winners notified and files packaged and sent.


Professionally fabricated and installed panels will be unveiled.

Contact Jacquelynn Sullivan,