CSN | Scoring a Job During a Pandemic

CSN | Scoring a Job During a Pandemic

Are you concerned about how COVID may affect your career? You are certainly not alone. Right now, many students feel extra stressed about finding employment and exploring career options. With so much anxiety and uncertainty, we must come together (virtually!) and learn how to manage.

Fortunately, businesses have figured out a few things over the last year. So, we’re hosting a discussion panel with some MSU alumni who are human resource executives and are eager to share what they know with other Spartans. Join us on March 10 at 4pm EST to talk about our present situation and hear guidance on how to navigate the current employment landscape. Students of all majors and degree levels are welcome.

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Panelists: Laura Kozlowski, Human Resources Senior Director, Global Talent Management for Whirlpool Carrie Rosingana, Chief Executive Officer and Equal Opportunity Officer for Michigan Works! Jim Nestor, Chief Human Resources Officer for Katz, Sapper & Miller John Lynn, Vice President of Human Resources for Uniroyal Engineered Products, LLC

Register here: https://app.joinhandshake.com/events/696241/share_preview