Broad Underground || Seeds, Blooms, and Things that Grow

Broad Underground || Seeds, Blooms, and Things that Grow

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April 16, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Online Zoom Program
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Broad Underground || Seeds, Blooms, and Things that Grow @ Online Zoom Program | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Cinema’s interest in the growth of seeds and plants is as old as the medium itself. As if germinating a seed in our unconscious, film’s fascination with growing things situates seeds and blooms as cognitive stimulants, innovative instructors, and models of the human mind. Join Assistant Professor Lyn Goeringer and Assistant Curator of Academic Collaborations Katie Greulich for a screening of both historical and contemporary films exploring the parallels among the growth of plant matter and human experience, from the early British films documenting seed germination and plant growth to the works of Amir George, who uses plants as a metaphor for communication and consciousness-expansion in contemporary living.

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Programmed by Lyn Goeringer & Katie Greulich

This program is presented in affiliation with Seeds of Resistance , now on view at the MSU Broad. The exhibition draws attention to the long history of plant and human co-evolution and interdependence. Bringing together different global perspectives, the exhibition also takes firm root in the soils of Michigan State University, and features the important work around issues of ecological preservation by faculty, researchers, and students at the university. Plan your visit at

Broad Underground is an ongoing collaboration between the MSU Broad, the Film Studies Program and the Department of English at MSU, and The Robin Theatre in REO Town, Lansing. Special thanks to the Lansing Public Media Center for their continued support.

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