2021 Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium

2021 Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium

The Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium provides hundreds of students across all fields of the humanities the opportunity to share their work in the professional presentation style most common to their fields. Attendees also participate in professionalization and recruitment events during the three-day symposium. It’s the first conference of its kind: there has been no other national platform for undergraduates in the humanities to share their work.

The 2021 Symposium will be held live over the Internet on April 24-25, 2021. We welcome applications from undergraduates currently enrolled at any two- or four-year college, university, or community college. Conference presentations will be a maximum of ten minutes long and can consist of reading a paper (approximately 1,200-1,500 words), presenting a PowerPoint slideshow, reciting an original piece of creative writing or poetry, or even showing an original short film.

To apply, you will only need a title and brief abstract for your presentation (150-250 words). For application tips, see our How to Apply page.

Applications close April 1, @ 11:59pm

Apply here: https://johnshopkins.smapply.io/prog/2021_richard_macksey_national_undergraduate_humanities_research_symposium/