Virtual Spartan Law Preview “Day”

Virtual Spartan Law Preview “Day”

Learn about the LSAT and how to maximize your score! The pros at JD Advising will guide you through:

·       What is the LSAT? De-mystify the format, what is tested, how it’s tested digitally, and how the new LSAT-FLEX works.

·       Strategies for preparing for the LSAT. You’ll get study advice and time-management tips on the exam.

·       Mock LSAT problems. Dissect how to answer LSAT questions, including how to identify the correct or incorrect answers.

And they will connect you with LSAC’s free mock practice LSAT so you can practice what you’ve learned!


Step 1: Register for an exclusive Zoom session on LSAT prep.

Step 2: Receive a pre-recorded insider’s guide to MSU Law’s programming and application process.

Step 3: Attend the Zoom session, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about MSU Law and get strategies from JD Advising for success on the LSAT.