Research Talk by Dr. Felix Kronenberg

Join CAL, CeLTA Staff, and the CeLTA Director Search Committee for a research talk by Dr. Felix Kronenberg, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures, Director of the Language Learning Center, Rhodes College, Memphis Tennessee.

Research Talk Title: The Normalization of Physical Language Learning Spaces

The basic blueprint of the physical language classroom has not changed all that much in over a century, even as new language teaching methods and approaches, new technologies, and new interdisciplinary insights into better ways to support learning have greatly advanced during that same timeframe. Therefore, it is time to address the built environment’s power over how we teach languages, the “built pedagogy,” and look critically at that classroom blueprint.

Dr. Felix Kronenberg will analyze how classrooms and other physical spaces for language learning have become so normalized that alternative designs are an exception rather than the norm. He will discuss the implications that physical spaces have for learning and teaching in general and for languages in particular, and how interdisciplinary research can lead to a reconceptualization of physical language learning space design.