Masterclass in Heart & Voice with Broadway Star Carrie Manolakos
Oct 16 @ 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Masterclass in Heart & Voice with Broadway Star Carrie Manolakos @ Michigan | United States

On Friday October 16th from 3-5:30 pm, we are lucky enough to have Broadway’s Carrie Manolakos giving a masterclass in singing that is free and open to all College of Art & Letters students!

Carrie Manolakos is a Broadway star, actress, writer, and recording artist best known for her roles on stage, including Sophie Sheridan in Broadways Mamma Mia! and Elphaba in the National Tour of Wicked. Carrie can also be heard as a voice on The Greatest Showman and Incredibles 2, and her live interpretation of Radiohead’s Creep became an international phenomenon nearing 4 million views and counting.

To attend, please register using the Zoom link below as soon as possible. Students can participate in the webinar by asking questions and observing.

Carrie will also be doing an online live concert with the Wharton Center on Friday October 23rd.

Indigenizing Shakespeare: Madeline Sayet
Feb 5 @ 2:00 pm
Indigenizing Shakespeare: Madeline Sayet

Keynote Lecture and Workshop | Indigenizing Shakespeare, Madeline Sayet: Friday, February 5th (Public Lecture at 2pm and MSU Workshop at 3:30pm)

    • Lecture: “Native American Shakespeare: The Journey to Representation”: this lecture will examine the complex history of the relationship between Shakespeare’s plays and the indigenous peoples of America, from the onset of colonialism through the present day. Madeline will also share insights into how this intersection informs her own life and work, and the Native Theatre Movement at large.
    • Workshop: In this session, Mohegan Director Madeline Sayet will guide participants through a process of creatively indigenizing Shakespeare for themselves. Participants will begin their own dynamic reimaginings of the plays and be empowered to make bold creative choices in their own work going forward.
    • Also see the attached flyer with further details (and how to register), and contact Katie Knowles ( or Jyotsna Singh ( for more information.
Classes with CAL 2021 – Innovations in Teaching in the Arts and Humanities @ Zoom
Mar 17 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Innovations in Teaching in the Arts and Humanities

Take time during Covid to get back in Class! Please join us for a night of innovative thinking with some of the College of Arts and Letter’s finest. All staff, faculty, retirees, friends, and family are welcome!

Date: March 17th from 6:00-8:00


6:10-6:35 Talk #1 “The science and art of wellbeing: Integrating student wellness into CAL courses” with Dr. John Ritz; College of Arts and Letters Inaugural Director of Student Wellness

Jon Ritz, WRAC faculty member and CAL’s new Director of Student Wellness, will discuss CAL’s new effort to integrate wellness concepts and practices into its undergraduate learning goals, with a focus on mindfulness, creativity, and resilience. Jon will provide a brief overview of the evidence-based approach that undergirds the effort and how it will be delivered to students through cocurricular activities and direct integration in CAL courses. He will also touch on ways that a wellness-infused curriculum can help reinvigorate the arts and humanities as sites of undergraduate education.

6:35- 7:00 PM Talk #2 “It is never too Late to Learn a Language” with Sandhya Shanker; Academic Specialist at the Center for Language Teaching Advancement

In a globalized world, learning a language is not only useful when traveling but also boosts brain power. Learning a language as an adult enhances the ability to multitask, sharpens the mind and improves memory. The MSU Community Language School offers online language classes for adults with sessions in the fall, spring and summer. Information will be shared about our program offerings as well as a short taste of our online program experience.

7:00-7:40 Talk #3 “Evolving Pathways to Social Justice in the Arts and Humanities: Creativity in the Academic Class” with Julian Chambliss, Nancy DeJoy, and Natalie Phillips, CO-PIs on an Andrew Mellon Foundation Just Futures Grant.

In this presentation Chambliss, DeJoy, and Phillips discuss how centering creativity as opening paths to social justice encourages us to see creativity as central to teaching and learning in the humanities. Using the class work that inspired their Mellon Foundation Just Futures grant, the three will discuss how creativity is vital to inclusive curricula and how it expands our opportunities for community partnerships to inform our teaching.

Student Spotlight 7:40-7:55


Pre-1800 Pedagogy Roundtable
Mar 19 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Pre-1800 Pedagogy Roundtable

Pre-1800 Pedagogy Roundtable | Teaching Pre-1800 Texts Today: Friday, March 19th, 2-4pm

    • In this roundtable, graduate students and faculty will give short presentations on the topic: pedagogy about/with performance and play in pre-1800 courses. These presentations will be followed by a discussion and joint activity where we create a syllabus/depository of texts, links, etc. useful for those teaching pre-1800 texts.
    • If interested in giving a presentation at the workshop, or to learn more, please contact Emily Yates (
Symposium | Performance and Play
Apr 16 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Symposium | Performance and Play

Symposium | Performance and Play: Friday, April 16th, 2-5pm

    • In this symposium, we will explore the various intersections between technology, performance, and play. We are seeking short papers of approximately 3-5 double-spaced pages for inclusion in the symposium, which will be organized as round-table discussions with presenters speaking for about 5 minutes before opening discussion up to the entire group of presenters and audience members.
    • See the attached CFP and contact Stephen Deng ( for further information.