Knitting the Resistance @ MSU Union Art Gallery, Rm 230
Jul 21 – Sep 16 all-day
Knitting the Resistance @ MSU Union Art Gallery, Rm 230 | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Knitting the Resistance, currently on view at the MSU Union Art Gallery, features pussyhats, signs and other ephemera from the MSU Museum’s Craftivism Collection. In addition, artist Beth Miller facilitated the loan of over 350 pussyhats made by 132 crafters. These pussyhats created for Solarfest’s Arts + Activism project in Vermont will be traveling to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts for an exhibition marking the one-year anniversary of the Women’s Marches.

Sparticipation @ Cherry Lane Field
Aug 29 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sparticipation @ Cherry Lane Field

A student involvement fair where student organizations, living unit groups, and major governing groups meet new and returning students to inform them about their organization’s purpose and events.

  • An opportunity to recruit new members, while displaying literature, awards, and highlights of the organization.
MSU Job & Internship Fair @ Spartan Stadium Office Tower, 4th Floor Huntington Club
Sep 6 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
MSU Job & Internship Fair @ Spartan Stadium Office Tower, 4th Floor Huntington Club  | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Open to all students, all majors!  Looking for part-time employment while you are in school?  Need a local internship? Interested in learning more about opportunities in the Greater Lansing Area?  Then the Student Job & Internship Fair is for you!

Formerly known as Earn, Learn & Intern, this is the first major job fair of the school year and it’s just for students! Meet with representatives from on-campus employers and local companies and organizations who will be looking to hire MSU students during the school year.

Creative Collaboration Arts Festival @ Wharton Center for Performing Arts Courtyard
Sep 17 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

This event is designed to bring creative minds together and introduce the resources that the arts community at MSU has to offer. This year, Creative Collaboration will take the form of an arts festival! We are introducing student artist galleries, art activities, interactive booths, live performances and the chance to meet other students like you. With over 20 student creative organizations present, this event gives MSU students the chance to get involved and make a difference.

Every student at Michigan State University is aware of how big this school is. With over 600 student groups, it can be more than a little confusing and overwhelming to try and get involved or explore your interests when there’s so much information thrown at you on a daily basis, especially during Welcome Week. That’s why we created the MSU Arts Council and CREATIVE COLLABORATION. Now in its fourth year, CREATIVE COLLABORATION was formed under the idea of creating an arts-specific resource fair for new and returning students interested in pursuing creative endeavors and getting involved with the arts here at MSU, as well as creating a strong and collaborative arts community where groups can work together to create amazing events and establish long-term partnerships. Different groups from dance, visual arts, music, theatre, culture, and other art forms set up informational booths that showcase their work, activities, and events, meant to increase awareness and recruit new members. During the event, there are also numerous giveaways and awesome performances from the groups and fellow students. Whether you are looking for a networking opportunity, to improve your artistic skill set, or just for a creative outlet, CREATIVE COLLABORATION brings in groups that offer unique ways to engage with the arts and with MSU. Come out and join us, enjoy some live entertainment, meet new friends, and be a part of this amazing arts community. We hope to see you there!

MSU Education Abroad Expo @ Breslin Center
Sep 28 all-day
MSU Education Abroad Expo @ Breslin Center | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

The Education Abroad Expo has been scheduled for Thursday, September 28th at the Breslin Center.

Details about time, reservations and other logistics have not yet been finalized.

Please save the date for now if you’re interested in participating or attending!

PPS- Professional Prep Series: Career Fair Edition @ Snyder Hall, C-202
Sep 29 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
PPS- Professional Prep Series: Career Fair Edition @ Snyder Hall, C-202 | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Select from mini sessions and resources to help you prep for upcoming professional opportunities. This month’s series will include programming focused on: Career Fair Prep | Networking | Interviewing | Resumes, Cover Letters, and Professional Documents |


1:00 – 1:30: Room C201 Career Fair Prep Room C202 Interviewing Room C204 Professional Profile

1:40 – 2:10: Room C201 Networking Room C202 Interviewing Room C 204 Professional Profile

2:20 – 2:50: Room C201 Networking Room C202 Career Fair Prep Room C204 Professional Profile

1:30 – 3:30: Resource Fair 10 minute resume critiques | Professional Dress and Appearance Consultations | 30 second introduction assistance | Q&A Booth for all your questions

Sands of Silence @ Green Room in the Main Library
Mar 26 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Sands of Silence features a 15-­year quest to expose the underworld of sexual exploitation and trafficking from Asia to the Americas, which leads world­-reporter and filmmaker Chelo Alvarez­ Stehle back to the windswept beach where her childhood ended and family secrets began. As Chelo documents the transformation of sex trafficking survivors, she meets Virginia Isaias, a Mexican woman whose life is engulfed in a cycle of sexual exploitation. Escaping with her six-month-old daughter from a sex trafficking ring in Mexico, Virginia crosses the US border in search of freedom. After years of hard work, Virginia begins to rebuild her life and speaks out about her ordeal for the first time in this documentary. Virginia, who barely speaks English, becomes a US citizen and a prominent advocate for other sexual exploitation survivors in the Latino community in Southern California by setting up a non-profit.

We are honored to be able to bring Chelo Alvarez-Stehle to MSU. As a reporter and documentary filmmaker, she has worked for close to two decades exposing stories of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Born in Spain, she worked in Japan in documentaries for NHK and became Tokyo’s and then Los Angeles’ correspondent for Spain’s
El Mundo daily. Recently, she co-produced Through The Wall, a short documentary about a family divided by the US/Mexico border, which won the 2016 Imagen Awards. Her most recent journalistic work has appeared in The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and Documentary Magazine.

The screening is sponsored by: Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures, College of Arts and Letters, Chicano and Latino Studies, Film Studies Program, Department of Media and Information, Department of Sociology, The Hub, Matrix, and the College of Music.

Third Thursday Creative Speaker Series Presents Sol Sender @ Abrams Planetarium
Oct 18 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Third Thursday Creative Speaker Series Presents Sol Sender @ Abrams Planetarium | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

For more than 20 years, Sol Sender has been honing the expertise required to be just such a partner—and has put it into practice shaping, strengthening and transforming some of the world’s leading brands. With a broad set of creative skills that span strategy, writing, design, user experience and agile development, Sol has developed core brand strategy and experiences for a diverse set of clients including, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Motorola, GE, Citadel and Obama’08. His commitment to client success, focus on lasting value, and relentless hunt for the biggest ideas have built a reputation for deeply thoughtful work of the highest quality.

Third Thursday Creative Speaker Series Presents Maria Grillo @ Abrams Planetarium
Nov 15 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Third Thursday Creative Speaker Series Presents Maria Grillo @ Abrams Planetarium | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

A Fellow of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Maria’s talent and achievements as a designer over the last 25 years have been recognized by some of the profession’s most notable organizations and publications: Communication ArtsGraphis PosterPrint, and ID magazines, the New York Type Directors Club, and British Design and Art Direction. Maria has taught aspiring designers and peers how to plan and implement branding and design programs at various institutions. At The Grillo Group, Maria and her team work for and with their clients every step of the way from solid research, analysis, and planning to clear positioning and sound message strategy to expert visual and verbal creative execution