THEN NOW Painting and Drawings by Dianne Wolter @ MSU Union Art Gallery
Aug 3 – Oct 5 all-day
THEN NOW Painting and Drawings by Dianne Wolter @ MSU Union Art Gallery | East Lansing | Michigan | United States


Featuring Dianne Wolter’s paintings and sculptures.

August 3- October 5, 2018

Reception September 8, 3-5PM



Painting provides me a process driven opportunity to experiment, discover, manipulate, play, and sometimes even tell a story. I value mark making and like to see evidence of the history of the process in the finished painting. Narrative has been a component of my art that allows me to ask questions and make observations. I use whimsy as a means to enliven or to soften the content. Recurring themes and images return to new environments. Images that possess a personal iconography are infused with content from experiences and memories that hold power. I begin by creating an active ground plane, and then working out to the surface, sometimes finding rather than imposing imagery. I enjoy working figuratively, layering, searching for ideas and inspiration from the manipulation of the media, and often but not always embracing a narrative.

Adding papier-mâché sculpture to my studio involvement has been a logical and natural extension to my previous singular focus of two-dimensional work.  The process is reductive, starting with foam forms that have been created by gluing construction foam into blocks that can be carved. Papier-mâché mulch and layers of paper finish off the surfaces and ease transitions and contours. The torn paper can communicate a new narrative while holding onto its past. I find myself stacking forms which is another way of layering, bringing elements together in proximity or support, contrasting familiar with fantastic.


Dianne Wolter graduated from Michigan State University in 1965 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a teaching certificate. Teaching and studio involvement have been the focus of her professional life since then.  She concentrated on fabric collage for the first 14 years of her creative journey, teaching it in public schools throughout southern Michigan sponsored by the Michigan Council for the Arts. In 1979, Wolter began teaching after school art classes in her home studio to area children. Sharing her studio with children was a rewarding and meaningful opportunity. To concentrate more fully on her own art, she retired from teaching in 2002 to focus more on painting. A whim to make a cat riding on a unicycle introduced sculpture as an additional interest. Since then, Wolter has been enjoying both sculpture and painting.

For more information about Dianne’s work please visit her website:

Donuts & Distributions: Quantitative Research Methods Reading Group @ Wells Hall A334
Sep 13 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Basics in R (R studio, installation, import files, running code, useful resources) 

SLA researchers have been increasingly using R (a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics; see more details here) to perform data cleaning and statistical procedures. In this session we will tackle some of the very first steps for one to start using R. We will specially align this meeting with the first task(s)  / assignment(s) in LLT 873 Quantitative SLS Research Methods. We will also try to get some R users in our program to help everyone out when needed.

MSU Film Collective: FACES PLACES @ B122 Wells Hall
Sep 13 @ 7:00 pm
MSU Film Collective: FACES PLACES @ B122 Wells Hall | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Faces Places (Agnes Varda and JR, 2017)

Presented by Alexandra Hidalgo

Director Agnès Varda and photographer and muralist JR journey through rural France and form an unlikely friendship.

Learning About Undergraduate Research @ 304 Bessey Hall
Sep 13 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Learning About Undergraduate Research @ 304 Bessey Hall

Make research an integral part of your MSU experience! Come learn about the opportunities available for involvement in research and creative activities at Michigan State. You can expect a short presentation, discussion, and Q & A facilitated by current undergraduate researchers.

Testing & Tasting: Language Assessment Research and Reading Group @ Wells Hall B243
Sep 14 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Testing & Tasting (or the language assessment research and reading group) is a group for practitioners and researchers interested in language testing and assessment. Meetings provide a forum for both faculty and students to learn about advanced assessment topics and discuss language testing in a friendly setting- with snacks! The group usually meets once a month, with each meeting featuring presentations from SLS students, faculty members, or testers of the ELC testing office. Recommended readings (if there are any) will be sent to the whole group via email before each meeting. We have Dr. Paula Winke, Dr. Dan Reed, and Dr. Koen Van Gorp as regular faculty advisors, and occasionally we invite guest speakers to Skype in. 

Presenter(s): Wenyue (Melody) Ma & Dr. Paula Winke

Topic of discussion: Self-assessment

Melody Ma and Dr. Paula Winke will co-present their co-authored article on self-assessment. Dr. Winke will also show the group a self-assessment tool she and her research team developed for the ACTFL oral proficiency test.

Workshop: Going on the Job Market @ B342 Wells Hall
Sep 14 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Come learn about what job searches in applied linguistics entail, with Drs. Susan Gass and Paula Winke, noon to 1 PM, Friday, Sept. 14, 2018, Room B342.

Generous Thinking: The University and the Public Good @ International Center, Spartan Rooms
Sep 14 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Generous Thinking: The University and the Public Good @ International Center, Spartan Rooms | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Director of Digital Humanities and Professor of English will be presenting Generous Thinking: The University and the Public Good as part of the University Interdisciplinary Colloquium. Read a summary of her talk below:

The university stands in a peculiar relationship to twenty-first-century American culture. On the one hand, that culture imagines institutions of higher education to be providers of vitally important credentials for those seeking an engaging career and a secure economic future. On the other, that same culture routinely depicts the university and its denizens as being out of touch with the real needs of their communities, producing and transmitting useless, abstract knowledge and standing in the way of real economic and technological progress. Generous Thinking proposes that those of us who work within the university might take a hard look at the ways we connect and communicate with a range of off-campus communities about our shared interests and concerns in order to begin rebuilding the relationship between the university and the public that it is meant to serve.

Coffee and refreshments will be provided.

COMMAND+ N Group Art Exhibition @ (SCENE) Metrospace
Sep 14 @ 1:00 pm – Oct 28 @ 5:00 pm
COMMAND+ N Group Art Exhibition @ (SCENE) Metrospace | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Please stop into (SCENE) Metrospace to see our latest exhibition traveling to us from Bloomington, Indiana where it was recently on view at I Fell Gallery. COMMAND + N was co-curated by Anna Buckner and Sul-Jee Scully of Command Zine and Bill Bass and Raphael Cornford of Noise Project. This special exhibition brings together the work of nine artists; Roxana Azar, Israel Campos, Zachary Carlisle Davidson, Jonathan McFadden, Rowland Ricketts, Saman Sajasi, Caleb Weintraub, Tyler Wilkinson, and Chad Wys.

Curators Statement

I can’t follow everything going on. You can’t either. I can grab a few strands here and there, focusing my reading and my podcast listening and my conversations. Still, I’m falling woefully short. I know that any sources I access have bias, that I’ve been lied to by dominant narratives across media forms, that my experiences have been misrepresented if represented at all.

So let art speak to us all at once and emotively and with information and through reference and via updated, augmented, and even subverted traditions. For art does
indeed reveal our new narratives and emergent mythologies, forces that selectively continue and negate aspects of their older counterparts. “But which art?” you
might ask, “Where? How? Will there be beer?”

NOISE and COMMAND Zine co-curate the exhibition “COMMAND + N,” a traveling group show of artists whosework is invaluable, transformative and alive, acting upon us just as much as we respond in turn. Working across multiple media these artists reveal untold stories, recontexualize traditions, speak from marginalized identities, and play with the boundaries between digital and tangible.

Bringing together an expertise that spans the contemporary fields of painting, textile, printmaking, photography, comics and digital art, the curators present two exhibitions at I Fell in Bloomington, IN and (SCENE) Metrospace in East Lansing, MI, highlighting selected works as simultaneously discrete narrative objects and cohesively indicative of the story of our time.

Practice Talk: “Predicting CEFR proficiency level using grammatical criterial features” by Susie Kim @ B243 Wells
Sep 14 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Join SLS student Susie Kim, who will be giving a practice talk for a corpus linguistics conference.
Friday, September 14, Wells B243 from 3-4pm
Title: Predicting CEFR proficiency level using grammatical criterial features
In a previous study using a Korean EFL corpus, I investigated the use of the grammatical criterial features that have been identified as characteristic of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels by Hawkins and Filipović (2012). Research on the use of such level-specific lexico-grammatical features has largely been descriptive. This study contributes to better understanding the relationship between learner language and CEFR proficiency levels by empirically examining how well the use of the set of grammatical features predict learners’ proficiency. The current analysis included 6,042 narrative and argumentative essays written by 3,021 learners. Each learner’s performance had been holistically evaluated on the CEFR scale, ranging from A2 to B2. With the data from the previous study where I examined the occurrences of ten A2-, fifteen B1-, and ten B2-level grammatical criterial features, I tabulated how many different types of the level-specific features each learner used and the average normalized frequencies of the occurrences. In short, the range and the frequencies of these level-specific features adopted by each learner were used to investigate how well these measures predict writing quality.
An ordinal logistic regression analysis was performed with six predictors: range and frequencies of the A2, B1, and B2 features. All six predictors were statistically significant in predicting the proficiency level, and the model showed a good discrimination among the proficiency groups (R2 = .31). The findings indicate that the frequency as well as the diversity in the use of the grammatical features serve as important predictors in determining the proficiency level. The results have implications for CEFR level descriptors and assessment using the CEFR scale. 
Broad Underground || Alien Wonders @ Broad Art Museum Sculpture Garden
Sep 14 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Alien Wonders (& Paranoid Fantasies)

7:30pm • Friday, September 14, 2018 • Broad Art Museum Sculpture Garden • MSU

Join us outdoors and under the stars for an out-of-this-world film experience featuring sci‑fi cinema, programmed in dialog with the work of Ken Grimes. Grimes is an American artist whose work explores themes of outer space, extraterrestrial life, and UFO conspiracy theories. His upcoming Field Station exhibition will be on view at the MSU Broad beginning in December. The selected films for the evening include works by Georges Méliès, Bill Brown, Craig Baldwin, and Mitchell Crawford.

—Programmed by Joshua Yumibe

Broad Underground is an ongoing collaboration between the MSU Broad, Film Studies program, and Department of English at MSU. This year’s partnering venue is The Robin Theatre in REO Town, Lansing, with special thanks to the Lansing Public Media Center.


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