Ali Momeni Visiting Artist Lecture @ Virtual on Zoom
Oct 28 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Ali Momeni Visiting Artist Lecture @ Virtual on Zoom

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Ali Momeni was born in Isfahan (Iran) and emigrated to the United States as a child. His research interests include educational technologies, human-computer-interaction for performative applications of roboticsplayful urban interventions, interactive projection performance, machine learning for artists and designers, interactive tools for storytelling and experiential learning, mobile and hybrid musical instruments, and the intersection of sound, music, and health. Momeni is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of California Berkley in the Center for New Music and UAudio Technologies. He has previously been a Visiting Professor of Practice at Brown University in the Brown Arts Initiative & Brown Data Science Initiative. As well as an Associate Professor working in the School of Art, within Sculpture and Installation at Carnegie Mellon University.

He studied physics and music at Swarthmore College and completed his doctoral degree in music composition, improvisation, and performance with computers from the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at UC Berkeley.  Between 2007 and 2011, Momeni was an assistant professor in the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, where he directed the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, and founded the urban projection collective called the MAW. Momeni next served as an associate professor in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University where he founded and directed CMU ArtFab, a laboratory that’s focused on making complex creative workflows accessible to youth and non-technical folks. Momeni was also a founding faculty member in CMU’s IDEATE program and contributed to the Music Technology program.  In 2018, Ali joined as a Senior Principal Scientist focused on User Experience, and Brown University as a Professor of Practice within the Brown Arts Initiative and Data Science Initiative.  In addition to his work in the industry and his academic research and teaching, Ali is also co-founder of IRL Labs, an educational technology start-up focused on transforming everyday situations into interactive learning opportunities using everyday technologies.

Shifting classroom goals and expectations @ Zoom
Oct 29 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Shifting classroom goals and expectations @ Zoom

Educators from all levels, backgrounds, and content areas are welcome to join a discussion on how they have had to change course objectives and expectations for  students during COVID-19 online teaching.  Time will be allotted for small group discussions for educators to share their own new practices and gain ideas from others. The last 15 minutes will be reserved to hear from attendees on new perspectives they will incorporate into their classrooms, lingering questions and doubts on online success, and comments from novice and veteran educators.

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