3:00 pm
Spartan Innovations has developed a new workshop series to help entrepreneurs follow the road to success! The Business Model Canvas workshop is held every two weeks. Learn how to develop and create a business model[...]
The 300 Room at Spartan Innovations
4:30 pm
Information for international internships, locations including London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Cape Town, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Toronto, Chiang Mai, Madrid.
4:30 pm
Graduate school scholarship for arts, humanities, social science majors The Beinecke Scholarship covers the cost of graduate school for students studying in the arts, humanities or social sciences. Students must be a college junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree[...]
Rooms 207 & 208, Eustace-Cole Hall
Dec 7 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
4:00 pm
Are you interested in completing an internship in New York City this summer while earning MSU credit?  The MSU College of Arts & Letters partners with an organization that identifies customized internship placements for students[...]
Wells B310