6:00 pm
Featuring Dr. Ridley Dr. Ridley will reflect on the interconnections and long history of jazz music and protest. In particular, he will examine the many connections between jazz and protest during the Civil Rights movement,[...]
Club Spartan, Case Hall
7:28 pm
(Nalan Kumarasamy, 2013) Presented by Amrutha Kanapulli Two unemployed young men meet a rather fringe character called Das. Das is essentially a courteous kidnapper. If he had any wealth, he could be called a gentleman[...]
B122 Wells Hall
7:00 pm
Haiti Bride 7pm • Friday, March 23, 2018 • Robin Theatre, 1105 S Washington Ave, Lansing —Programmed by Misha Mihailova TBA Broad Underground is an ongoing collaboration between the MSU Broad, Film Studies program, and Department of English[...]
Robin Theatre
Mar 26 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
2:00 pm
Screening of Thrust into Heaven, a documentary about “forced” conversions of Hindu women married to Muslim men in Pakistan, and panel discussion with filmmaker Dr. Jürgen Schaflechner, in the Green Room, 4th Floor, MSU Library
7:30 pm
Prior to James Naremore’s talk on March 28, there will be a screening of his 1990 film To Sleep With Anger. Vagabond Harry (Danny Glover) pays an unexpected visit to his old chum Gideon (Paul Butler), who accepts[...]
B122 Wells Hall
4:10 pm
James Naremore is Chancellor’s Professor Emeritus at Indiana University, and the author of Charles Burnett: A Cinema of Symbolic Knowledge, the first book-length study of the director. His other books include More than Night: Film Noir[...]
B122 Wells Hall
5:30 pm
Enlightened Forms: Embodiment and Visual Spaces in Abstract Film 5:30pm • Friday • 13 April 2018 • Abrams Planetarium MSU, 755 Science Rd., East Lansing TBA —Programmed by Lyn Goeringer  
Abrams Planetarium
9:00 am
One of the defining and intractable issues in contemporary literature of the Global South, African, South Asian, and Postcolonial in general, is dislocated people seeking refuge across national boundaries. This Symposium is a reflection on[...]
International Center, Rooms 302-303