Religious Studies Welcome Reception
Sep 20 @ 12:00 pm

Friday, September 20th, 12:00pm

Wells Hall B-Wing Atrium




Arts & Letters Homecoming Sweet & Greet @ Summer Circle Courtyard
Sep 27 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Arts & Letters Homecoming Sweet & Greet @ Summer Circle Courtyard

Spartans Inspire Success 2019 Homecoming 

College of Arts & Letters Homecoming Sweet & Greet

The College of Arts & Letters invites you to join us for our newest tradition—Homecoming Sweet & Greet. Visit our tent located at the Summer Circle Courtyard between Kresge Art Center and the Auditorium. Enjoy cider and donuts. Win items from the College with our raffle prize wheel. Reconnect with faculty, alumni, and student ambassadors from Excel Network and Citizen Scholars.

Families welcome!

Help us plan how much cider and donuts we’ll be serving–please RSVP by September 18

2:30-4:00 pm  Sweet & Greet

6:00 Parade steps off


C4I Lecture–Megan Halpern @ Spartan Room at International Ctr.
Oct 11 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
C4I Lecture--Megan Halpern @ Spartan Room at International Ctr. | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Science as Experience: A New Approach to Science Communication    

Megan Halpern draws on Dewey’s theory of aesthetic experience to develop a model that can reshape how we research, practice, and evaluate science communication. Drawing on her work in art-science collaboration and design-inspired public engagement with science and technology, Halpern illustrates three principles of her model. First, experiences are cumulative rather than transformative, second, that context shapes experiences; and third, that ultimately, audiences have agency in shaping the meanings they draw from their interactions with scientific content. Finally, Halpern offers insights into how to develop projects from an experience perspective.

Coffee and Cookies provided.

Plan to stay after the lecture for additional coffee and networking time.

C4I Lecture Lily Woodruff
Oct 16 @ 5:32 pm – 6:32 pm
C4I Lecture Lily Woodruff
Please Join us!  This event is open to faculty, staff, students and the general public.
 Speaker: Lily Woodruff

Associate Professor, Art History

Natural History of the Sixth Extinction in Ann Hamilton’s the common S E N S E

October 18, 2019 , 12:00-1:00 pm, Flex Space at the Digital Scholarship Lab MSU Library, 2nd floor.

Coffee and refreshments provided

Ann Hamilton’s 2014 the common SENSE presented an extensive collection of animal images and objects from the natural history and library collections of the University of Washington in a participatory installation that invited visitors to consider the impact of their own desires to consume non-human animals. This paper analyzes Hamilton’s work relation to early natural history museum ambitions and displays, and to the current mass extinction that is underway, and argues that Hamilton’s use of archival materials creates a mode of narrating history that responds to current feelings about threats to the future.
Shakespeare Under the Stars @ Abrams Planetarium
Oct 20 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

MSU College of Arts & Letters’ Department of Theatre in partnership with Abrams Planetarium presents…

Shakespeare Under the Stars

Directed by Deric McNish
Dramaturg & Adaptations by Taylor McPhail
Media Consultant – Alison Dobbins
Planetarium Director – Shannon Schmoll

Featuring stellar actors from Michigan State University’s Department of Theatre.

Listen to a live performance of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale while enjoying a star show on the Abrams Planetarium hemispherical projection dome.

The event will begin with a talk about astronomy and astrology in Shakespeare’s plays, during which the planetarium’s experts will use their powerful Digistar 6 star projector to provide demonstrations.

Doubt thou the stars are fire;
Doubt that the sun doth move;
Doubt truth to be a liar;
But never doubt I love.

Comets, importing change of times and states,
Brandish your crystal tresses in the sky,

And with them scourge the bad revolting stars.
Henry VI

The heavens themselves, the planets, and this center
Observe degree, priority, and place,
Insisture, course, proportion, season, form,
Office, and custom, in all line of order.
Troilus and Cressida

Sunday, October 20, 2019 at 5:30pm 
Location: The Abrams Planetarium Sky Theater
This is a FREE performance and is open to the general public.

C4I – Transforming Learning Spaces @ Digital Scholarship Lab Flex Space, MSU Library, Second Floor
Nov 15 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
C4I - Transforming Learning Spaces @ Digital Scholarship Lab Flex Space, MSU Library, Second Floor | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Speaker: Dr. Felix Kronenburg

The basic blueprint of the physical classroom has not
changed all that much in over a century, even as new
teaching methods and approaches, new technologies,
and new interdisciplinary insights into better ways to
support learning have greatly advanced during that same
timeframe. Do we still need physical learning spaces in
this age of ubiquitous computing? If we do, how can we
design and build them so that they will be able to adapt
to new educational transformations? Dr. Kronenberg
will give insights into and solutions from the new
interdisciplinary field of learning space design.

C4I – The Data of Disaster: Understanding Climatizing Surveillance in Post-Maria Puerto Rico @ Digital Scholarship Lab Flex Space, MSU Library, Second Floor
Dec 6 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
C4I - The Data of Disaster: Understanding Climatizing Surveillance in Post-Maria Puerto Rico @ Digital Scholarship Lab Flex Space, MSU Library, Second Floor | East Lansing | Michigan | United States

Speaker: Christina Boyles – Assistant Professor of Culturally-engaged Digital Humanities

Nearly two years have passed since Hurricane María made landfall in Puerto Rico, yet its effects are still reeling through the islands. Rather than assisting with recovery, government agencies are engaging in what I term climatizing surveillance—mechanisms developed to both disempower Puerto Ricans and to ensure valuable resources remain in the hands of the wealthy elite. At its core, this enterprise seeks the erasure of marginalized peoples and their claims to commonly held lands and resources. This presentation will discuss how these processes operate in Puerto Rico, highlight their broader implications for a climate-stricken world, and outline strategies for resistance.